Takuma Kujira Helium Front Wing

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The Takuma Kujira Helium Front Wing allows for super-fast take-off and efficient pumping while still offering excellent stability. It delivers smooth and effortless accelerations with fantastic carving abilities inherited from the Kujira. The Kujira Helium fits the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight, no matter their size and skill level. Suitable for all foil disciplines (surf, SUP, wing, and downwind) and effective in light and strong winds. The Takuma Kujira Helium Front Wing is an ultra-versatile mid-aspect ratio foil, giving you the freedom to be playful on the water. Beginners and seasoned foilers alike will love the Helium for its stability, control, and overall high performance.

Takuma is an innovative watersports company that is 100% Foil-focused. The Kujira line of Takuma hydrofoils is known for incomparable hydrodynamics, lift, glide, and stability. 


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• Suitable for all riders, disciplines, and conditions
• Thicker profile than the Kujira with smooth-edged winglets gives a softer ride while remaining super-efficient
• Trailing edge is slightly rounded for extra security, minimizing cutting while delivering plenty of speed
• Great at pumping, the Helium is very quick to take off vs other foils
• Superb glide even at low speeds, making your maneuvers super soft with great control over steering. Remains stable and smooth at high speed as the winds pick up and doesn’t stall
• Front wings available in 1200, 1500 or 1750 size

Front wing 1200
• Super maneuverable wing, it has an incredibly predictable lift and plenty of glide, perfect for fun carving and playing in the waves.
• Impressive top-end speed
• Large range of use: light to strong wind, small to big waves, beginners to pros, flat to waves

Front wing 1500
• Versatile and robust
• A real game-changer for new foilers and seasoned riders
• Does it all: wing riding in all conditions, prone foiling, SUP foiling, and downwind riding
• Impressive early take-off and huge glide
• Stable and intuitive to control, capable of maintaining altitude at super low speed
• Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers
• Fits the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight

Front wing 1750
• Great performance in light wind
• Perfect for entry-level and progression
• A real light wind session saver in under 15kts for intermediate to freeride experts
• Great power control, playful and fun for all levels
• Very easy to handle and tolerant, perfect for beginners and progressing
• Excellent performance in light wind, fast in the turns, and extremely stable



• Carbon composite and lightweight helium foam core
• 1500 front wing: 1500 cm2, wingspan 910 mm, chord 202.2 mm
• 1750 front wing: 1750 cm2, wingspan 980 mm, chord 218.2 mm


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