Kāohi Double Coil 7mm Grip Leash

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Kāohi Double Coil 7mm Grip Leash is a versatile leash for daily shredding in variable wave conditions, from small to chest high. At 7mm, it can handle many board types, including SUP foil, Wing Foil, and Downwind Boards. It is also a great choice for Prone Foiling in heavier surf. The unique double-coil design is less prone to tangling and reduces drag by keeping your leash out of the water. Kāohi’s patented “Grip” serves as a rail-saver/handle that enables you to keep your board close to you in between sets and in whitewater. Kāohi means control. Kāohi Double Coil 7mm Grip Leash is available in 4 and 5-foot lengths with an ankle or calf cuff option. Black colour.


Double Coil Advantage:
• Reduces kinking and tangling up on itself, often a problem with standard coil leashes
• Creates less drag by keeping your leash out of the water

Kaohi Grip Railsaver
• Rail-saver/Handle stays open and easy to grab
• Enables board riders to hang onto board with one hand, with other hand free or for Paddle/Wing
• Neoprene handle is comfortable and durable
• Designed specifically for Foil, Wing, SUP, Surf for added control
• Not for use in the impact zone; let the leash do its job – read Notices on Kaohi site before purchasing


• 7mm thickness/polyurethane leash
• 4′ and 5′ extended length options

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