NSP HIT Cruiser

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The NSP HIT Cruiser is a family-friendly durable paddleboard. NSP uses High-Impact Technology (H.I.T.) to create a solid board with excellent stability, glide and easy turning. This board is built to handle tough use, making it a popular at the cottage as well as in a commercial rental fleet. The H.I.T. has a full EVA deck pad that makes it great for the kids or bringing your pup along for the ride. Use the locking/anchor hole on the nose of the board to secure your ride on your dock or in your yard or attach an anchor for fishing or yoga. Other features that makes this board unique: a standing guide on the deckpad to help your guests find the correct position the very first time on the water plus an m8 insert for a windsurfer base plate so you can convert your board for riding the wind!


• Eco-friendly SecureCell EPS core
• Military-grade fiberglass laminated with epoxy resin and coverd in “bullet skin” for longevity and impact resistance.
• Durable rail bands to protect the HIT boards from paddle strikes and general knocks
• Premium thermoformed EVA over the entire top deck of the board
• Designed with stability, glide and easy turning in mind
• 9’8″ and 10’2″ models come with a single 8″ nylon dolphin fin
• 11’2″ and 11’6″ have 9″ nylon dolphin fins
• Volume is evenly distributed through the standing area while the wide round nose and tail really help with a stable standing position
• The tail section of the HIT Cruiser SUPs benefits from a concave Vee-bottom that makes turning even easier
• Ledge handle for easier transport
• A standing guide on the deckpad will help your guests find their standing position the very first time they enter the water



NSP HIT Cruiser Size Guide

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