KT Ministick

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The KT Ministick is like a classic longboard…just smaller. It’s a fun alternative to a shortboard on those not-so-perfect days. KT has designed the board with a fuller outline and progressive rocker for endless flow, exceptional turning, and speed. You’ll notice effortless paddling and a very nimble ride on this thruster board. It makes any wave fun.  With classic polyurethane construction, a traditional centre stringer, and 3 Futures White ILT fin boxes, the KT MInistick  closes the gap between performance shortboards and full-size longboards. Available in 4 sizes.

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• Mini-longboard
• Thruster setup with 3 Futures ILT finboxes
• Classic PU build (polyurethane construction)
• Available in white
• Available in 6’6”, 7’0”, 7’6”, 8’0”


KT Ministick Specs

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