NSP Longboard E+

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The NSP Longboard E+ is one of the most durable boards you will find. Similar to NSP Elements reliable construction with one key difference, a ballistic top sheet for increased resistance to pressure dings. Because of their size, great floatation, and glide, longboards make tiny 1-2 feet days much more fun and are great boards for year-round conditions. NSP Longboard E+ boards are considerably sturdier than the average surfboard and built to take the abuse from bumpy transport, bigger waves, and countless rides. The NSP Longboard E+ has FTU boxes (compatible with Futures® Fins) and come with *2 MFC-designed fins and one center fin.

*11’ and 10’ E+ models have center fin only

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• Durable NSP E+ construction
• Suitable for novice, intermediate and expert riders
• Great floatation and glide
• Ideal for 1 to 6 foot waves
• Sharp rails in the tail
• Modern performance rocker
• Mellow V bottom belnded with subtle double concave
• FTU boxes (all compatible with Futures® Fins) and comes with 2 MFC-designed fins and one center fin (Note: 11’ and 10’ models have center fin only).

Sizing Guide

NSP E+ Longboard Size Chart

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