NSP Funboard E+

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The NSP funboard is easy to paddle and quick to catch waves. E+ construction means durability. This board can handle all conditions. Funboards typically range in length from 6 to 8 feet and blend characteristics of longboards and shortboards making them both stable and maneuverable. Ideal for surfers transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard as it is agile and easy to turn while offering extra buoyancy. The NSP Funboard in E+ construction has 3 single-tab fin boxes (compatible with Futures Fins) and comes with a set of MFC-designed thrusters.

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• Wave Type: All conditions
• Ideal Waves: 1-6 ft
• Level: Beginner – Expert
• Comes in three different constructions: E+ is the most durable
• 3 FTU boxes (compatible with Futures Fins)
• Comes with a set of MFC-designed thrusters


NSP Funboard Specs

NSP Funboard Construction

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• We prefer not to ship many of our SUP, surf, or foil boards due to the high incidence of breakage. This may change should we find safer and more economical means to transport these products
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